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František Kšána ml.

A Master Butcher

He has this profession in his genes. He started the career in his father's shop in Prague-Břevnov. Due to his articulacy he became popular and contributed to the rediscovery of the Přeštice pig. At present, he is the face of the butcher's shop Our Meat.

Jiří Michal

A Butcher

He used to work as a butcher in Germany but he decided to follow his heart - his daughter and our butcher's shop. He makes good use of his own experience from abroad and is happy to provide meat with the care he always wanted. He loves our hamburger.

Roman Lakomý

A Butcher

A real master butcher. He has dedicated his life to this profession which became his hobby. He likes working with quality meat and tasting František's smoked meats. He loves the Přeštice sausage to bits.

Adam Zlatohlávek

A Butcher

The bearded nice guy prepares a steak on the grill right in the butcher's shop, garnishes bakery products, warms up smoked meats and jokes on top of it. This trained butcher likes sweets, our sausages and loves meat.

Martin Plachý

A Butcher

He is excited about his work being visible and appreciated by guests. In his spare time, he does historical fencing, loves beef, any sauce and shin goulash.

Markéta Libánská

Service in the Butcher's shop

She bakes cakes, drinks beer, understands meat and is the pride of the shop. She likes most when the guests come back and is proud of products cooked from our meat. Every day, she has a roll with our liver sausage for breakfast.

Zita Švihelová

Service in the Butcher's shop

Excellent atmosphere behind the counter and in front of it, ham knee and minced meat. These are the main reason why Zita does not sell fashion goods anymore and prefers running behind the counter in Our Meat and looks forward to work every morning.

Naše maso
Dlouhá 39
110 00 Prague 1
T: +420 222 311 378
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Ticket Restaurant, Gastro Pass, Cheque Déjeuner

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